Nowadays, the commercial services have turned into a sophisticated issue. The leading companies make use of new methods to enter into new markets.

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Increasing the exporting experience of individuals will have following benefits:

Increased export activities.

To better understand the foreign market mechanism

Creating extensive contact network with customers

Identifying the target market culture and language of communication


Requires knowledge of procedural workflow among agencies involved in export:

There are people with experience in executive exports management process that lacks excitement in trade negotiations and on the other hand has the ability to direct the strategic management and personnel administration in the work area.

Export marketing:

Export marketing includes all the marketing activities of the Company for the supply of products outside the domestic market.

International marketing:

The marketing of goods and services from one country to another, internal and external marketing, which we can refer to environment differences at the political, economic and cultural aspects. Differences in the natural environment, culture, and resources and technology, generate various production and service requirements. Since it is not possible for one company to meet all needs of consumers, the marketing manager must analyze all the available opportunities through market division in order to supply all the goods and services requirements of the consumers on the basis of their interests. 

Three effective factors to participate in the international marketing include:

  1. Education (international business administration knowledge and product management and…)
  2. Experience: experienced entrepreneurs and public servants obtain by traveling abroad.
  3. The ability to describe channels and create sales and distribution channels.


Finally, each business must be able to creat direct export channels for enjoying two major advantages of direct export is as follows:

1. precise knowledge of export markets.

2. Increase the profitability of exports by absorbing part of the gross profit.

3. Elimination costs of unused capacity imposed on to the company.

 The exporters that employ direct channel strategy can collect a lot of information from the market and react quickly to changes in the export market. Therefore, despite low levels of strategic management and decision-making in determining the best strategy for export is of great importance.

Foreign advertising: the exporters who are more committed to their export markets, incur higher levels of advertising costs and enjoy higher performance gain. So the cost of foreign  advertising of the exporters will positively affect export performance. Regarding advertising it is necessary that the cultural elements of the target market be exploited.

Competitive Advantages: a unique set of abilities is an economic unit that allows penetration into desired markets and provides over rivals for that unit. To define the competitive advantage of an economic unit, the management needs to carry out a complete assessment of its internal and external unit. Companies in the fields of technology, speed and time of product entry into the market (product distribution management) can have competitive advantage over their competitors.

Business risk: risk arising from the conduct of trade and business in a particular industry or a particular environment is called business risk. In other words, business risk in a company's ability to sustain competition or maintain the rate of growth or profitability in the short term or the long-term stability can be defined. In such a case, the company reduces the amount of dividends and this will adversely affect the yield and variability of annual returns.

Concerns about unexpected events: different industries and their companies that are affected by political, economic, social and even internal and external geography can experience boom and bust. For example, if the recovery in global oil prices, industries dependent on petroleum products are affected and its shares are recessed or in case of drought, the industries related to agricultural products are affected and their shares will stagnate. Therefore, the more the production of a company's is dependent on external factors, the greater the risk of investing in the enterprise increases.

The financial power and tolerance enjoys great importance at the initial stage of export business which can be the transition factor of the initial stressful conditions and the firm’s financial tolerance in creation and setting up of export activities can attract the export officials attention.